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Mini-Hemp® For Poultry Bedding.

Specifically designed for small animals and birds (poultry, pigeons, canaries and budgies). Made from the delicate woody core of fibre hemp. Hemp is super absorbent, natural anti-bacterial, dust-free, sustainable, eco-friendly product. It makes a warm and comfortable bed that provides good insulation against cold and protection against injury.

Mini-Hemp® also absorbs ammonia very efficiently, reducing its harmful effects on the respiratory system, reduces odour and a natural fly repellant.

Animal health disease prevention is the most critical issue facing the poultry industry is with respect to ensuring high level biosecurity standards.


bedding has been able to absorb moisture in the poultry shed more efficiently than wood shavings or straws. Reducing the conversion of uric acid to ammonia in the shed stops the promotion of high humidity in the shed environment. By maintaining a dry bedding many problems such as hock burn, breast blister and pododermatitis will be reduced, if not eliminated.

A dust free environment for the birds: eliminating respiratory, nasal and eye infections that are often found in birds housed on traditional materials such as wood shavings and straw.

Pleasant To Use with Lasting Odour Control
Egg and Hemp

Hemp bedding encourages the poultry to forage thus reducing boredom. Hemp bedding makes cleaning much easier, less frequently needed, and leaves the chicken coop smelling fresh.

Mini-Hemp® lasts longer so is economical, translating into dollar savings thru reductions in labour, transport and storage.

Environmentally Friendly and Easy Disposal

Made from 100% renewable hemp. Grown without pesticides or insecticides to prevent chemical residues being transferred to any animals. Once mucked out the soiled bedding naturally breaks down within 8 weeks into quality organic garden compost. Farmers are very happy to remove the muck for these reasons and in turn reducing these removal costs or generating additional income from sales of compost or garden fertilizer.

What type of bedding should I use for my chickens?

The Choice of bedding or litter is an important part of small animals and poultry’s housing. Sawdust or straws are not suitable for these small animals, especially in a confined area such as the housing.

Sawdust is usually very dusty and can cause small animals and birds breathing difficulties. It is also very likely to get into their eyes, causing irritation and infection.

Although some people use straw, it must be checked on a daily basis and must be turned over completely. If straw is left untouched, the top appearance will look clean and fresh, while underneath it will sweat and create mould. It does not take long for this to give off spores that soon affect the respiratory systems. This can have very serious consequences for their health. Straw can also makes an excellent haven for lice and mite.

Resist the urge to use newspaper. It's not nearly as absorbent, and worse, the slippery surface can lead to a permanent deformity called "splayed leg" which can ultimate result in the other chickens picking on the affected bird to death.

Absorbency Performance Test On Respective Bedding

Analysis by Accredited Independent
Laboratory Coffey Information Pty Ltd

Mini-Hemp® Bedding absorbs up to 12 times more liquid than straw and 4 times more than shavings. You will also find that due to the greater absorbency, the top up rate and maintenance of the bed should require very much less material- reducing your overall bedding cost.

How Much Mini-Hemp® Bedding For Your Chickens?

1 bag of Mini-Hemp® 140Lt will cover 3.5 square meter @ 5 cm deep. Change out the bedding as it becomes soiled.